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Offshore Outsourcing: Dedicated Teams and Their Availability

4 февраля, 2023
7 min read
Offshore Outsourcing

Have you ever thought that collaboration with a read-made team can boost your productivity by a couple of times for specific tasks? In fact, this can have a lot of advantages and help you carry out many projects faster and in a more professional way.

Even more – having an experienced team of experts by your side is going to help you cope with common difficulties and challenges in the industry. Our services will also let you break free of geographical and status-related limits, as well as other barriers.

Defining Our Dedicated Software Development Teams

We are working with a model centered around a dedicated software development team. This is one of the most used and effective models for outsourcing and staffing solutions. It aids in establishing software development teams all around the globe, regardless of the business location or sphere of work.

Usually, business representatives hire dedicated teams for long-term projects and manage them remotely. As a result, our clients have full access to the helper team, along with HR. All vacations, overtime hours, and project duration is settled individually, and we are able to work for you as long as needed.

How Available Are Dedicated Teams

The only obstacle that sometimes makes clients doubt the appropriateness of a dedicated team is that they stay out of visual contact. The team’s work is unseen; however, it never means clients will not be reached out to and informed.

To make progress known to the orderer, we have a few set-in-stone rules:

  1. Notifying clients daily.It helps our clients both stay calm, knowing that we follow the plan and remain in control. We renew the status of projects and present project reports on a regular basis and do our best to notify not only the orderer firm but also other stakeholders connected to the work or expecting it.
  2. Maintaining a relevant task tracking tool.We provide all big and small details about projects we work on, add milestones, and demonstrate progress visually. This allows our clients to see the correlation between tasks on the timeline. If they don’t have the necessary toolbars, we gladly provide help setting everything up.
  3. Being quick to answer emails and chat messages.Our replies are always on time. Even when we don’t have all the answers yet, we keep in touch with you to let you know we’re going to take care of the question and come up with a response soon. That’s just a matter of good manners that we always follow.
  4. We discuss issues.Anytime a problem arises, we take the first step in bringing it to the agenda. When this happens, we take a broad view of the situation to create excellent solutions together and match their primary needs.
  5. We are resourceful.We are there for you to tell you about the solutions that might be great substitutes and the up to the minute technical resources. So, the first thing we highlight in working with clients is often discussing better ways to work and technical solutions. Our experts will save your time and optimize anything you need to.

This is our creed and something we always practice. We make a mighty effort for the technical side of your business to become flawless and help you handle every part of the trade in the best way possible. We are ready to offer complete transparency, genuine support, and great solutions for businesses of any sphere. Make us your offshore staff and make sure of it.

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